Will you shoot the Chinese spy balloon seen above America? What did Biden say on this question

Will you shoot the Chinese spy balloon seen above America? What did Biden say on this question

Joe Biden on China Spy Balloon: Suspicious balloon of China was seen in Montana city of America. US Defense Department Pentagon officials said that China was spying through that balloon. Actually, the US Air Force has a special base in Montana, from where intercontinental missiles are operated. It is said that there are only 3 such airbases in the whole of America.

After the incident of the sighting of a Chinese balloon over America, the tension between America and China increased very rapidly. US Secretary of State postponed his proposed visit to China. At the same time, discussion started happening all over the world. When the matter escalated, China apologized, but the US government’s stance has become tough.

Today, when media persons questioned the US President (Joe Biden) on this issue, he said that we are going to take care of that (China’s suspected balloon). Biden’s remarks came in response to a question in which he was asked whether the United States would shoot down a balloon that was flying in the sky above it, which defense officials are calling a “clear violation” of American sovereignty.

Joe Biden’s reaction

According to US President Joe Biden, his administration will keep an eye on the suspected Chinese balloon. Biden was speaking on Saturday at an airfield in Syracuse, New York, where he went to meet his family.

On the other hand, an American official said on Friday that Chinese officials have told us that the one seen in the American sky was a civil balloon. If so, how and why did it reach Montana, 6,000 kilometers away? China should answer this to us. The US Defense Department Pentagon has claimed that China sent a spy balloon, which was sent to spy on the American airbase.

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