'Where is Kailasa... how is his passport?', Nithyananda himself answers on his imaginary country

‘Where is Kailasa… how is his passport?’, Nithyananda himself answers on his imaginary country

Questions on Kailasa: The representation of Kailasa, the self-proclaimed country of fugitive from India, surprised everyone by reaching the United Nations. Since that time Kailasa has been in a lot of discussion. Everyone wants to know about this country. Where is this country? What is the currency here? How is the government run here? How can one get its citizenship? All such questions have settled in the minds of people. Nityananda himself has given answers to such questions by holding a press conference.

Regarding his self-proclaimed country Kailasa, Nithyananda tweeted, “The United States of Kailasa is a borderless service-oriented nation, which runs through many NGOs, temples and monasteries in many countries.” Nithyananda said these things in response to the question of Maria Paul, journalist of The Washington Post. He claimed that Kailasa is the revival of the ancient enlightened Hindu civilizational nation. He has also shared his questions and answers on Twitter.

How does Kailasa work?

When asked about the authenticity of Kailasa, Nithyananda said, “It is run through NGOs, temples and monasteries in many countries, just like the Sovereign Order of Malta.” He said, “The Sovereign Order of Malta is also a religious order of the Catholic Church since 1113, which has been recognized by the United Nations. Despite having no actual territory, Malta has diplomatic relations with more than 100 states.”

Gave complete information about Kailasa

He said, “The objective of Kailasa is global peace based on the principle of oneness for all irrespective of gender, caste, nationality and colour.” After all, how does this country work? Are elections held here and are necessary documents like birth certificate, passport issued here? Nityananda answered these questions as well.

denied the allegations of rape

Nithyananda is a fugitive from India, he is a fugitive tantrik from Tamil Nadu, who is in hiding since 2019. Wanted in India on multiple charges of rape and sexual assault. In response to these questions, the secretary of Kailasa dismissed all the allegations and termed them as lies. He said, “Several eminent human rights activists had given clean chit to Nithyananda through independent reports.” He said, “On April 4, 2013, the Supreme Priest of Hinduism was found innocent by a California (USA) court. The court ruled in favor of SPH and fined the false victim nearly half a million dollars.”

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