'When countries like America and Europe are faltering...', Defense Minister said at Holi Milan ceremony

‘When countries like America and Europe are faltering…’, Defense Minister said at Holi Milan ceremony

Rajnath Singh Lucknow Visit: The Defense Minister of the country and the MP from Lucknow have come to their area today. Here he addressed the people attending the Holi Milan and Traders Samman ceremony and enumerated the achievements of the double engine government.

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said, today record breaking foreign investment is happening in the country. Today everywhere there is talk of many investments coming in Uttar Pradesh. We know that the UP government has received investment proposals worth about Rs 35 lakh crore from the Global Investors Summit.

‘Apple factory is being built in Karnataka’
Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said, you must have read in the newspaper that Apple’s new factory is being built in Karnataka. Earlier, Apple’s factory used to work in China, but now it will do this work in India. The Defense Minister said, it is the result of banking reforms that where the developed countries of America and Europe are faltering, Indian banks are very strong.

There is no need to tell what kind of crisis both Pakistan and Sri Lanka are facing. Nowadays such things are happening in Pakistan also that we also want a Prime Minister like Modiji.

Relief given to middle class and small traders in the budget
Being among the businessmen brothers, I want to say that our government is committed for the development of all of you as well. Our government believes that it is our responsibility to protect the small and medium traders and their interests from the point of view of business in this country and state.

You all know that relief has been given to the middle class and small businessmen in this budget. Similarly, it has been decided to give one percent interest rebate on loans for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and small traders and tax relief to MSMEs with a turnover of three crore rupees.

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