The 8 'rarest' types of employees—they 'simply outperform everyone else,' says career expert

The 8 ‘rarest’ types of employees—they ‘simply outperform everyone else,’ says career expert

Your strengths are the foundation of your brand, and owning them is the key to making a mark in your professional life.

As a career and branding expert who has consulted CEOs and big companies like Google and Microsoft, I help people discover what differentiates them from their competitors.

Are you an innovator overflowing with creative ideas? Are you a leader who inspires people to exceed goals? Or are you a maverick — everything the traditional leader stands for, you stand for the opposite?

Based on my 40 years of experience, here are the rarest types of employees who simply outperform everyone else:

1. The Innovator

2. The Leader

3. The Maverick

4. The Engineer

5. The Expert

6. The Target Marketer

7. The Elite

8. The Cause

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