Taiwan extended a helping hand to Ukraine amid Russia's attacks, will upgrade digitally

Taiwan extended a helping hand to Ukraine amid Russia’s attacks, will upgrade digitally

Russia-Ukraine War: The war that started between Russia and Ukraine is going to be one year. During this, thousands of soldiers of both the countries have died. Lakhs of people have also become homeless. Meanwhile, the allies of both the countries have extended their help. Talking about Ukraine, America is helping it and now Taiwan has also come forward to help it.

Recently Taiwan’s Digital Minister Audrey Tang visited Vilnius, Ukraine. This was his first foreign trip after becoming a minister. She became Taiwan’s Digital Minister in August last year in 2022. He included the digitization of the country’s education system as an area where Taiwan could help Ukraine. Even before this, Taiwan has helped many times during the war of Ukraine.

want to reach out for help digitally

Taiwan has given generators and many types of machines to Ukraine during the war. Digital Minister Tang said that now we want to provide help digitally. We want to make Ukraine similar to the way Taiwan enables people of different cultures to become a trans cultural learning community, despite having very different cultures. Audrey Tang said that no official talks have taken place with Ukraine, but we are personally engaged with them.

Russia tells danger

Russian President Vladimir Putin attacked Ukraine on February 24 last year, saying Kyiv’s ties with the West threatened Russia’s security. Ukraine and its allies wage an unnecessary war to capture its territory. Tang also placed a wreath at the graves of civilians killed by Soviet forces in January 1991 during a failed attempt to overthrow the pro-independence government in Vilnius.

China’s pressure on Taiwan

Taiwan opened a representative office in Vilnius in November 2021, much to the chagrin of China. China sees Taiwan as part of its territory. China downgraded diplomatic relations with Vilnius, forcing the Lithuanian government to withdraw its diplomats from Beijing. Reuters has reported that China was pressuring German companies to stop using components made in Lithuania, which is a member of the European Union and NATO countries.

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