Sweden and Finland want to join NATO, Turkey obstructs, why is Ardoan angry?

Sweden and Finland want to join NATO, Turkey obstructs, why is Ardoan angry?

NATO News: Sweden and Finland are struggling to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), an intergovernmental military organization comprising 28 European and 2 North American countries. Both countries had applied to join NATO after the Russia-Ukraine War broke out. 28 countries have given green signal to the application but Turkey and Hungary have not given consent yet. Consent of all 30 countries is necessary for membership. In such a situation, their hopes about when Sweden and Finland will become part of NATO hang in the balance. According to media reports, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has put obstacles in the way of Sweden and Finland becoming NATO members due to some of his conditions. After all, what is the matter, let us know.

Ardoan is angry because of this

The reason for Ardoan’s displeasure with Sweden and Finland is regarding the Kurds. Explain that a large ethnic group has been living in the plains of Turkey and Mesopotamia, north-east Syria, northern Iraq, north-west Iran and the mountainous areas of south-west Armenia for years. It is known as Kurd. Kurds are fighting to make their own country Kurdistan. Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) came into existence in 1978 to fight for Kurds. Later this party started armed struggle. Turkey calls it a terrorist group and the organization is banned in the country.

According to Turkey, about 150 Turkish people involved in the PKK are in Sweden and Finland. Turkey has placed a condition that if Sweden and Finland want its consent in NATO’s application, they should first hand over those 150 people to it (Turkey). At the same time, Sweden and Finland have been saying on Turkey’s demand that the court will decide on the extradition of PKK members. Sweden and Finland have been in talks with Turkey on this issue. The next conversation is proposed in February i.e. this month, but at present the dialogue is not happening.

This is also a reason for resentment

One of the reasons for Ardoan’s displeasure is said to be the demonstrations against the Turkish army in Sweden and Finland in January. People’s anger had erupted against the Turkish army’s attack on the Kurds. During this, the effigy of Ardoan was hanged. In view of these incidents, Ardoan canceled the talks with Sweden and Finland.

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