Russia and America will clash again, US resumes drone surveillance mission on Black Sea

Russia and America will clash again, US resumes drone surveillance mission on Black Sea

US Resumes Drone Surveillance Mission Over Black Sea: The ongoing conflict between America and Russia is not taking the name of stopping. The United States has resumed flights of surveillance drones over the Black Sea region. Let us tell you that on Tuesday, a Russian fighter jet shot down an American surveillance drone. Since then the tension between the two countries had increased.

In such a situation, America’s decision to fly a drone near the Black Sea once again can increase the tension further. US officials said on Friday that an RQ-4 Global Hawk took off on a mission in the region on Friday. This was the first such drone flight after Tuesday’s incident. Pentagon officials have repeatedly stressed this week that Tuesday’s incident will not deter Washington from flying such missions.

Both countries accused each other

On Tuesday, the American MQ-9 drone was shot down by a Russian jet. After this, both the countries accused each other. America had accused Russia of intentionally shooting down the drone, while Russia rejected the allegation and called it a mere accident.

America released a video

However, the Pentagon released a video on Thursday in which a Russian Su-27 fighter jet is seen coming very close to that drone. Not only this, he is also dumping jet fuel near the drone. The video ends with images of the drone’s damaged propeller, which the Pentagon said was damaged by the jet’s impact, and later plunged into the Black Sea.

There is tension between the two countries for 1 year

This incident on the international water border had increased the direct confrontation between the United States and Russia. There is a situation of tension between the two countries for the last one year. Russia has threatened to attack America many times.

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