Peru burning in the fire of violence, 42 killed in protests, know the whole matter

Peru burning in the fire of violence, 42 killed in protests, know the whole matter

Peru Political Crisis: In Peru, nationwide protests between supporters and security forces of former President Pedro Castillo have been going on for more than a month. The Attorney General’s office has informed in a statement that 41 civilians and a police officer have died during this violence.

531 people injured

Xinhua news agency quoted a statement released late on Friday as saying that 531 people, including 355 civilians and 176 national police agents, were injured during the protests, especially in Peru’s southern region, while 329 people were arrested.

Peru struggling with conflicts

Let us tell you that the South American country Peru has been struggling with conflicts due to political instability for many years. Former President Pedro Castillo is facing an investigation related to corruption. Protesters are angry with the removal of left-wing leader Pedro Castillo and want Dina Boluarte to resign and new elections to be held immediately in the country. Elections in Peru were to be held in the year 2024, which has now been extended to 2026. Castillo’s supporters called on Boluarte to resign and demanded the release of Castillo as well as presidential and congressional elections.

declaration of emergency for 30 days

On 14 December, the new president declared a nationwide 30-day state of emergency to contain the violence. In Ayacucho, an area that saw most of the destruction in December, police arrested Rocio Leandro Melgar, president of the Ayacucho People’s Defense Front, on Thursday night. The statement said that Melgar is being investigated for acts of violence. The attorney general’s office said it has launched eight investigations into the deaths to determine responsibility.

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