Pak Election Commission rejects Sindh government's appeal, says 'Election will be held on time'

Pak Election Commission rejects Sindh government’s appeal, says ‘Election will be held on time’

Pakistan Election: Members of the Election Commission of Pakistan together organized a meeting on Friday (January 13). The meeting was presided over by Sikandar Sultan Raja, Chairman of the Chief Election Commission of Pakistan. This meeting took place at the headquarters in Islamabad. The appeal received from the Sindh government was discussed in the meeting. The Sindh government had demanded that the dates of the local government elections being held in Karachi and Hyderabad be extended.

During this meeting, while signing a government paper, the chairman of the Election Commission announced that the Election Commission should complete the elections to be held in Sindh in a proper manner. These elections are to be held tomorrow (Sunday, January 15).

The election will be held on the date as per the plan

The meeting took place hours after the announcement was made by the provincial government on Friday (January 13) morning. He also decided that the local government elections will not be held in two divisions. However, it was also decided that the elections in seven districts will be held on January 15 as per the plan. In a letter to the Election Commissioner of Sindh, the Local Government Department said that a provincial cabinet meeting had scrapped the notification relating to delimitation of councils in Karachi, with the Election Commission in its meeting on Friday (January 13) reviewed the request, but unanimously rejected it and reiterated that the elections would go ahead as planned.

PTI raised questions

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Party leader Ashad Umar condemned the appeal to the Sindh government to extend the date of elections. He said that moving the local elections is not the right thing. This was another attempt by the Sindh government to extend the election date. This government is bent on destroying the people of Pakistan. The way the present government is working, it is not correct in any sense.

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