New trouble in front of migrant workers in China, jobs decreased due to zero-covid policy

New trouble in front of migrant workers in China, jobs decreased due to zero-covid policy

China Migrant Worker: According to the report of Voice Against Autocracy, China removed the Zero Covid Policy in the hope that it will bring relief to its citizens. This decision did not prove to be good for the migrant workers there. They have to look for new jobs after getting affected by the strict rule. Zero-Covid policy hindered China’s economy. Due to this, such migrant workers were affected, who used to get salary on daily basis. The report states that workers were often seen returning to their homes on busy days. After this, there was a shortage of workers in the factories. It was said in the report that after the end of the festival week, the workers resume their work, but this time it did not happen.

As reported by Voice Against Autocracy, Covid has made things different this year, as workers are returning to job search sooner than expected and are still unable to secure a stable income. Workers were treated unfairly after the Foxconn disaster last year. They were diverted for salary and bonus. Had to work without pay in Kovid-19. This worsened the condition of migrant workers.

Title of world’s manufacturing hub

The situation is similar in almost all regions of China, including Shenzhen, Qian’an and Guangzhou, as millions of migrant workers seek employment, the report said. If this situation continues for a long time, there is a high possibility that China may be stripped of its title of ‘Manufacturing Hub of the World’. Then big countries like America and Europe can turn a blind eye. All these countries will start looking towards other options like Vietnam and India.

Zero covid policy was abruptly ended

The Global Strat View report said that in 2022, China’s GDP is expected to grow by only 3 per cent, which is the worst since the Mao era. A similar economic situation was observed during the Great Leap Forward and Cultural Revolution. The ‘Zero Covid’ policy was suddenly canceled a few weeks back, causing confusion and unrest in the society. This led to an increase in Covid cases, making people sick, thus naturally slowing down business activities.

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