'My wife is alone at home', Imran Khan furious after police entered the house

‘My wife is alone at home’, Imran Khan furious after police entered the house

Pakistan: Uproar continues in Pakistan over the arrest of former Prime Minister Imran Khan. Violent clashes are once again coming in between police and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) workers. According to the information received, the police broke the door of Imran Khan’s house and entered inside. Police entered Imran Khan’s house at a time when he left for Islamabad on Saturday morning to appear in the court.

According to the information, during the action of the police, once again there was a violent clash at the ‘Zaman Park’, the house of Imran Khan in Lahore. Here the police have also arrested many supporters of Imran. Along with this, the Islamabad Police has issued a notice regarding about 1000 PTI workers who pelted stones and assaulted the police. Police say that if these workers are seen in the rally in Islamabad along with Imran Khan, they will be arrested.

Senior PTI leader Farooq Habib has said that the police is not allowing Imran Khan to go to the court. He has to reach the court on time. But the police blocking their way is creating security concern. According to the information being received, at present the media regulation agency PEMRA has banned the live telecast of a rally of any one party (in the context of Imran Khan) on Pakistani TV channels today.

Imran Khan targeted the police

Imran Khan has targeted this action of the police. He said that his wife Bushra Begum is alone at home. After all, under which law is the Lahore Police running this campaign? This is part of the London Plan where commitments were made to bring fugitive Nawaz Sharif to power in return for agreeing to an appointment.

Many videos of police action going on at Imran Khan’s house are going viral on social media. In the video, Lahore police can be clearly seen taking action against the supporters of Imran Khan. The video is being told from inside Imran Khan’s residence ‘Zaman Park’.

firing on police

According to the information, the atmosphere outside Imran’s Lahore house in Pakistan is very bad. It was told by the police that firing was done on the police from the terrace of Imran’s Zaman Park house. In response, the police thrashed the PTI workers present there.

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