Israeli army adopts 'Yogi model', bulldozer injures suspected attacker in West Bank

Israeli army adopts ‘Yogi model’, bulldozer injures suspected attacker in West Bank

Israel-Palestinian: Israeli (Israeli) The army raided a refugee camp near the Palestinian city of Jericho on Saturday (4 February). Houses that were being used as hideouts for Palestinian attackers were reportedly cordoned off and those who fired were retaliated. The Palestinian Health Ministry said six Palestinians were wounded in the fighting, two of them seriously. The Israeli army attacked the oasis city, which has seen less violence than other West Bank cities.

The Israeli army said they entered the Aqbat Jaber refugee camp in the occupied West Bank, southwest of Jericho, to search for suspects involved in a shooting attack last week in the nearby Israeli settlement. Last Saturday, seven people were killed in East Jerusalem in the deadliest attack in two decades. The army said a Palestinian gunman opened fire on a restaurant near Jericho. The army said that the gunman fled from the spot after firing. However, no one was injured in the attack.

Army used bulldozer

The Israeli army said the shooters, with the help of several Palestinian families, were hiding in their homes and planning further attacks. The people who ran away were being surrendered. During this, the army mounted the bulldozer on the wall of one of the suspects’ houses. Residents of the camp were informing families to keep their children inside and avoid confrontation with Israeli soldiers.

The army said that a member of the suspect’s family came out of the house and barricaded himself inside. Security forces leveled most of the house. Palestinian protesters threw rocks and Molotov cocktails at military jeeps, while some gunmen opened fire.

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