Iran's police became savage, giving electric shocks to 12-year-olds in jail

Iran’s police became savage, giving electric shocks to 12-year-olds in jail

Iran Child Torture: According to a report by rights group Amnesty International, action is being taken against those caught during the recent protests in Iran. Children imprisoned in Iran are being severely tortured using other methods including sexual violence.

The report by the rights group Amnesty International has revealed the brutal methods being carried out by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, the paramilitary Basij, the Public Security Police and other security forces.

torture to confess

According to the report, apart from beatings, children are also given electric shocks and sexual violence like rape is done. The most shocking thing came out in the report that the age of these children is less than 12 years, in which both boys and girls are included. In the recent months, there were countrywide protests in Iran, due to which these young children were caught and put in jail.

They are being tortured to forcefully confess their crime. Last September, a young Iranian Kurdish woman died in the custody of Iran’s Moral Police for not wearing a hijab, triggering anti-hijab protests in Iran. Meanwhile, Iranians from all walks of life participated in one of the most daring challenges to the Islamic Republic since the country’s 1979 revolution.

being brutally tortured

Protesters are being brutally tortured in Iran. Many witnessed the torture of minor protesters, including two lawyers, and 17 adult prisoners who were held alongside the children. Diana Eltahavy, Amnesty International’s deputy regional director for the Middle East and North Africa, was quoted as saying by CNN that the violence against children was done to crush the spirit of the country’s youth and prevent them from demanding freedom and human rights.

This reveals a well thought out strategy. Police officers whip children. Gives electric shocks using stun gun. Children’s heads are kept under water. At the same time, 82,000 people in Iran have been pardoned in other cases, including 22,000 people who were involved in the protests.

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