I will give so much tension to Shahbaz Sharif that he will have to take sleeping pills - Imran Khan

I will give so much tension to Shahbaz Sharif that he will have to take sleeping pills – Imran Khan

Pakistan Politics: In the program ‘Hum Mehr Bukhari Ke Saath’ of Hum News in Pakistan, when the former PM Imran Khan (Imran Khan) was asked whether the current Prime Minister could be asked to seek a vote of confidence from the National Assembly, Imran said “Absolutely, we will do a floor test.” Imran said that Shehbaz Sharif had tested PTI, so now the party will hit back at the Prime Minister. Even before this, he said that he will present many challenges in front of PM Shahbaz Sharif, due to which he will have to take sleeping pills due to tension.

He said that a party meeting on Sunday (January 15) will give details of this move and prepare a complete plan not only for floor test, but also other plans to implement them fully in test situation now. It is also pertinent to add that the MQM-P, a key ally of the ruling coalition, has indicated in the recent past that it may quit the federal government due to unfulfilled promises.

The party has given its ultimatum

MQM-P sources had earlier said that the party has given its ultimatum and will announce its decision at the workers’ convention to be held on Saturday (January 14). Meanwhile, President Arif Alvi said in an interview to Bol News program ‘Bas Bahut Hoga’ that if PM Shehbaz Sharif is asked to take a trust vote, he will follow the Constitution. Pak President Alvi said that the way forward in such situations has been clearly mentioned in the constitution.

Pakistani President Arif Alvi said

Pakistani President Arif Alvi said, “There is speculation that they (PTI) will ask me to conduct floor test on PM Shahbaz and I will do it.” What the Constitution says will be the way forward.” He said that if the President felt that the legislature did not trust the government, he could ask for a vote of confidence.

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