Father could not tolerate daughter's stay alone in Turkey, killed her

Father could not tolerate daughter’s stay alone in Turkey, killed her

Iraq Youtuber: Tiba al-Ali, a 22-year-old YouTube star, was murdered in Iraq. The YouTuber was murdered by his father on January 31 of last month. An atmosphere of anger has arisen in the country due to the death of the YouTube star.

On this honor killing, Saad Mann, the spokesman for the country’s Interior Minister, said on Twitter on Friday (February 3) that 22-year-old Tiba al-Ali was killed by her father on January 31 in the southern province of Diwaniya. Saad Maan said that the police had earlier tried to settle the differences between Ali and his father. Tiba al-Ali lived in Turkey and had come to Iraq only a few days ago. Based on recordings of Tiba al-Ali’s conversation with her father, it is learned that the father had a problem with her being alone in Turkey. The father killed the daughter with his own hands the very next day after trying to resolve the differences with the police. People were surprised to hear this news

had a lot of followers on youtube

Tiba Al-Ali had a lot of followers on YouTube. She used to upload her recorded blog on YouTube. In the video, she often appeared with her fiance. A police source confirmed to AFP on condition of anonymity that there was a family problem between them since 2015. The police source said that he had traveled to Turkey with his family in 2017, but refused to return from Turkey. He decided to stay in Turkey.

Announcement to protest in Baghdad

The death of YouTube star Tiba al-Ali has sparked outrage among Iraqis on social media, who have called for protests in Baghdad on Sunday (5 February) to demand justice. On this, veteran politician Alaa Talabani wrote on Twitter that women in our society are bound in backward customs due to legal constraints and absence of government measures.

Human rights defender Hana Edwar told AFP that according to a voice recording of the girl, “she left her family because she was sexually assaulted by her brother.”

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