Fake photo of plane crash sent to passengers going to Turkey, chaos at airport, know

Fake photo of plane crash sent to passengers going to Turkey, chaos at airport, know

Israel Fake Plane Crash: A strange incident happened at Israel Airport. Immediately after taking off from Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport, a Turkey-bound flight returned to the airport. The reason for this was that a photo of the plane crash was sent on the phones of some passengers, causing panic.

This information was given by the Israel Airport Authority (IAA). It was told that many passengers were involved in sending the pictures. Police later said that nine passengers have been arrested in this connection. After getting information about the viral photo, the Israel Airport Authority got the accused passenger down from the flight. After that, after thoroughly checking the plane, it was allowed to fly again.

Sent using Apple’s AirDrop

The Israeli Airport Authority (IAA) statement did not specify how many people received the photos. Some reports suggested that the photo was made viral with the help of Apple’s AirDrop service, which enables file-sharing on machines that are nearby. According to police, nine people from a village in northern Israel were detained on suspicion of sending the photos and taken for questioning. This can be counted as a threat to carry out an attack.

There were 160 passengers on the plane

It has been said in the police statement that the age of all the suspects is around 18 years. He is suspected of spreading false information, which caused fear and panic among the public. According to the local news site, the flight was operated by Anadolu Jet, a subsidiary of Turkish Airlines. The report said that there were 160 passengers on board the Boeing 737.

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