Entry of people making YouTuber and Tiktok banned in Pakistan

Entry of people making YouTuber and Tiktok banned in Pakistan

Pakistan Ban Social Media Influencer: The National Assembly of Pakistan has banned the entry of YouTuber, Tiktoker and other social media influencers in the Parliament House. This decision was taken because the MPs were misbehaved in the General Assembly on December 23 last month.

According to a report, Asif Bashir Chowdhary, general secretary of the country’s Press Reporters Association, said that he does not support any kind of ban on citizen journalism. In a statement, the Press Reporters Association said that every citizen of Pakistan has the freedom of speech and it does not apply only to the reporter of the country.

Only authorized media house people allowed

The Press Body of Pakistan has decided to ban the entry of illegal people in the Press Gallery and Press Lounge of the House. It has been said in his report that according to the decision of the National Assembly, only those reporters, journalists and media persons will be able to participate who will be from an authorized media house. It will also be necessary to have a legal registration card with you for entry. According to a media report, if any social media influencer wants to cover the work of the National Assembly, then they must have a valid session card along with a public entry data.

recording as fake police

Earlier in April last year in Pakistan, the Karachi police had arrested the fake police. He was going to the industrial area of ​​Karachi with a fake card. Those people were caught by the police during the search on the basis of suspicion. After investigation, it was found that those people were social media influencers, who were recording by wearing Pakistani police uniform. The names of the people who were arrested were Usma, Mehndi and Usman.

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