Donald Trump could not tell about many gifts received from abroad, difficulties may increase

Donald Trump could not tell about many gifts received from abroad, difficulties may increase

America: Former US President Donald Trump seems to be in another trouble. Actually, he has been accused of hiding the gifts he received from abroad during his presidential term. Democrats in the House Oversight Committee said in a report released on Friday that Trump did not mention some gifts received from abroad in government records. The report said that Donald Trump and his family failed to disclose more than 100 gifts totaling more than $250,000 received from abroad during their time in the White House.

According to the Washington Post report, the government investigation found that Donald Trump has not been able to tell about the many gifts received from abroad during his tenure. He has been unable to disclose some of the gifts to the State Department. Which is a violation of federal law. The officials probing the case have prepared a detailed report to reveal the facts about Trump’s gifts.

Especially the details of the gifts of these countries were not found.

In the report, Trump is accused of not mentioning dozens of gifts from countries with which America does not have good relations. Trump, his wife Melania, daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Kushner have also been mentioned in the report. According to the report of the Washington Post, former US President Donald Trump has not recorded the gifts received from Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia in the records of the government.

The report also mentions 16 gifts received from Saudi Arabia, whose value was more than $45,000. Gifts include a dagger worth up to $24,000, while 17 gifts from India are also on the list. The list of gifts given to Trump also includes gifts given by India. Trump received 17 gifts from India worth more than $17,000. While he had received at least 5 gifts from China. According to the information received, Trump has not given information about a single gift received from abroad in the last year of his presidency.

Trump’s aides argue

Trump aides said that gifts given to him during his presidency were from him, not the federal government, so no reports were provided on the gifts.

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