Demand for President's resignation intensifies in Peru, investigation begins in violence during protests

Demand for President’s resignation intensifies in Peru, investigation begins in violence during protests

Peru Violence: The situation is getting worse after the demonstrations in Peru. In Peru, more than 300 people protesting against the government (Peru Protesters) have been arrested. Peru’s attorney general has announced an investigation into civilian deaths triggered by the deadly clashes. An inquiry has been started into the deaths in the violence. Protests broke out in Lima, Peru, when supporters of former President Pedro Castillo took to the streets to protest against the new government and President Dina Boluarte.

Supporters of former President Pedro Castillo (Pedro Castillo Supporters) have been demonstrating for the past several weeks and demanding the resignation of the President by blocking the roads. Meanwhile, President Dina Boluarte has refused to resign.

Investigation of deaths in violence

Peru’s attorney general has launched an investigation to identify those responsible for the deaths of more than 40 civilians during one of the country’s most violent social protests, reports news agency Reuters. The protests come weeks after bloody clashes began after the ousting of former President Pedro Castillo. The situation in the country has deteriorated due to alleged deadly police violence against supporters of Pedro Castillo, fueling anger and inciting more protests and blockades.

Resignation of many ministers

An investigation into the massacre was launched against President Dina Boluarte and several ministers. Boluarte said that on Friday the country’s Interior Minister, Labor Minister and Women’s Minister all resigned. The international airport in Peru’s southern Andean city of Cusco was closed on Thursday amid political turmoil. The Ministry of Transport has said that protests against the government have increased across the region. Several airports were also targeted in December.

Demand to release former President

Protesters in Peru are demanding fresh elections and Castillo’s release from custody. This week the death toll has crossed 40. Former Peruvian President Pedro Castillo is currently in custody. He is being probed on charges of sedition and conspiracy. Although Castillo has denied the allegations against him. Castillo was arrested on 7 December 2022 on charges of coup.

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