China's National Health Commission reports, Kovid cases decline as soon as the peak passes in the country

China’s National Health Commission reports, Kovid cases decline as soon as the peak passes in the country

Chian Covid: China has reported a reduction in the number of patients suffering from fever and severe Covid cases across the country. After gaining momentum in the beginning of December last month, now its peak has passed. According to the report of the news agency Xinhua, the country’s health officials have reported 59 thousand 938 deaths related to Kovid in hospitals between December 8, 2022 and January 12, 2023.

Xiao Yahui, head of the Medical Administration Bureau under the National Health Commission (NHC), told a press conference organized by the State Council that the number of serious cases in hospitals peaked at 128,000 on January 5. Xiao said the numbers then began a fluctuating decline, falling to 105,000 on January 12. At present, 75.3 per cent beds are being used for serious cases.

Fall in the number of fever patients

According to Geo, the number of people receiving treatment at fever clinics was around 2.87 million on December 23, 2022, and since then the figure has been falling steadily. On January 12, the number of fever patients fell to 4 lakh 77 thousand, which is 83.3 percent less than the daily peak.

Xiao said, the rate of detection of Kovid-19 in fever clinics also continued to decline, reaching 33.9 percent on December 20, 2022. On January 12, this number fell to 10.8 per cent. The ratio of negative COVID-19 tests among all hospital outpatients in China was 5.7 percent on December 19, 2022, and has continued to decline since then, falling to 0.9 percent on January 12.

Services in the hospital are slowly recovering

On January 12, the number of people treated in general outpatient departments in China was about 9.14 million, basically returning to pre-epidemic levels. Regular treatment services in the hospital are slowly recovering.

More than 90 percent of hospital deaths include heart disease, tumors, cerebrovascular disease, respiratory disease, metabolic disease, and kidney disease. The mean age of patients with severe cases is 75.5 years.

In the press conference, NHC spokesperson Mi Feng said that in the next stage, efforts will be made in health monitoring and referral services for the elderly, pregnant women, children and patients suffering from other diseases.

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