China furious over increasing defense and technology partnership in India-US, said- 'trying to stop us'

China furious over increasing defense and technology partnership in India-US, said- ‘trying to stop us’

US-India Relation: Recently India and America have started Critical and Emerging Technology (iCET). With its help, both countries have increased their strategic partnership. After this, a sharp reaction of China has come to the fore. China said that this is America’s attempt to make India an alternative to the supply chain instead of China.

National Defense Advisor Ajit Doval and his American counterpart Jake Sullivan on Wednesday (February 1) discussed strengthening India-US relations from a political, commercial and scientific perspective, especially in the field of technology.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi And US President Joe Biden had announced the US-India initiative on iCET in May last year. Its objective is to enhance and expand technology partnership and defense technology cooperation between India and the US. On the issue of defence, the target of iCET is to expand Indo-US cooperation in areas like artificial intelligence and military machinery. Not only this, the roadmap for a new bilateral defense technology cooperation between the two countries was also announced.

Ready to enhance relations with America

There are many other things in the defense bucket, such as launching a new innovation bridge to connect the US and India. Such initiatives have enraged China, with the official Global Times targeting iCET as an example of “same bed, different dreams”. China believes that India is increasing its ties with the US to advance technology and change its position in the supply chain of global technology.

Trying to prepare an alternative to China

Liu Zongyi of the Shanghai Institute for International Studies told the Global Times that as far as the US is concerned with engaging India, it will have to fulfill what India wants. With this America can present India as a deep friend. On the other hand, it can promote an agenda that in place of China, India can emerge as a supply chain alternative for America.

According to the Global Times report, it has also been said that the initiative is part of America’s thinking, but it is not expected to yield results, as India is unlikely to follow America’s playbook. At the same time, a Chinese official told the Global Times, “The US wants to kill two birds with one stone by luring India to join its initiative to stop China’s technological development.”

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