96 air accidents in Nepal in last 70 years, more than 800 people died

96 air accidents in Nepal in last 70 years, more than 800 people died

Nepal Flight Crash: Many people died in a big plane crash in Nepal. Yeti Airlines passenger plane going from Kathmandu to Pokhara crashed. According to media reports, a total of 72 people including four crew members were on board this flight. It is being told that just a few minutes before landing, the flight crashed into a ball of fire. According to a figure, there have been 96 air accidents in Nepal in the last 70 years.

Relief and rescue work is going on at the accident site. Due to the hilly area, there are difficulties in the relief work. There is news of death of 15 foreign nationals in Nepal plane crash. It also includes 5 Indians.

96 air accidents in 70 years

Hundreds of people have lost their lives due to air accidents in Nepal in the last several years. There have been 96 air accidents in Nepal in the last 70 years. Technical fault is said to be the reason in 95 percent of accidents, but what is that technical fault has not been disclosed yet. From 1946 till date, more than 800 people have died in plane accidents in Nepal. On May 7, 1946, the first plane crash happened in Britain’s Royal Force in which 14 soldiers lost their lives.

The accident happened last year as well

In the year 2022, in the month of May, Tara Air’s plane had become a victim of an accident. The wreckage of the plane was found on a hill. All the passengers aboard this plane were killed. There were 16 Nepalese, three crew members, 4 Indians and two German nationals in the flight. No exact reason could be found regarding the plane crash.

Many plane crashes in Nepal

• Year 2012: Sita Air’s plane fell victim to an accident. 19 passengers aboard the plane died.

• Year 2011: In the year 2011, Buddha Air Flight 103 fell victim to an accident in Lalitpur, Nepal. 19 passengers and all crew members lost their lives

• Year 2010: Agni Air flight 101 was on a regional flight from Kathmandu to Lukla. All 14 passengers and crew members were killed in the accident.

• Year 2008: Yeti Airlines plane crashed near Tenzing-Hillary Airport in eastern Nepal. 12 German and two Australian citizens died in the accident.

• Year 2000: Royal Nepal Airlines plane crashed. 25 people including three crew members died

• Year 1992: Flight-268 of Pakistan International Airlines crashed as soon as it came near Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu. 167 people died in this.

• Year 1962: The plane of Royal Nepal Airlines became the victim of an accident. The wreckage of the aircraft was found near Tulachan Dhuri. A total of 14 people including 10 passengers were killed.

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