5 Indians were also involved in the Nepal plane crash, 40 dead bodies recovered so far.  big things

5 Indians were also involved in the Nepal plane crash, 40 dead bodies recovered so far. big things

Nepal Plane Crash Updates: At least 5 Indian passengers were also on board the Yeti Airlines plane that crashed in Pokhara, Nepal. The aircraft carrying 72 people including 68 passengers and 4 crew members crashed near Pokhara airport. According to the report, so far 32 people have been confirmed dead in the plane crash.

The Indian Embassy in Kathmandu is also in touch with the Nepal Administration and Yeti Airlines. Information has been sought regarding the presence of Indian citizens in the crashed aircraft and their identity.

What is known so far about the plane crash

  • According to Reuters, there were 5 Indians, 4 Russians, 1 Irish and two Korean citizens on board the plane.
  • Rescue operation is going on at the place of crash. Local media reports said that after the plane fell, there was a fierce fire in it.
  • A video of the accident site has also surfaced in which a thick layer of smoke was visible.
  • According to the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN), Yeti Airlines aircraft 9N-ANC-ATR-72 took off from Tribhuvan Airport in the capital Kathmandu at 10.33 am. It was to land at Pokhara airport.
  • The pilot had taken landing permission from ATC. OK was also said for landing from Pokhara ATC. The authority has expressed the possibility of accident due to technical fault.
  • The Civil Aviation Authority says that flames were seen in the plane just before landing. Therefore, it cannot be said that the accident happened due to bad weather.
  • Airlines spokesperson Sudarshan Bhartola said that we are expecting more bodies. The plane has been broken into pieces.
  • According to FlightRadar24, a website that gives information about flight movements, this aircraft was 15 years old.

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