100 wives, 500 children, why this man's story became a topic of discussion around the world

100 wives, 500 children, why this man’s story became a topic of discussion around the world

African King With 500 Children: On turning back the history of the olden times, one often gets to see the stories of many queens of kings and hundreds of their children. It can be surprising for the people when even in this era of modernity, a king has dozens of queens and hundreds of children. Amidst the debate about population control in the world, it has come to light that the African King, Abumbi II, has 100 wives and 500 children.

African King Abumbi II has about 100 wives after adopting his late father’s queens as his wife.

100 wives and 500 children

Abumbi II became the 11th Fon or king of Bafut in Cameroon after his father’s death in 1968. Polygamy is still legal in Cameroon and it is customary for men in rural areas to marry more than one woman. One can do any number of marriages and there is no limit set.

inherited multiple queens

In Bafut, Cameroon, it is customary that when a king dies, his successor inherits all his wives, meaning that Abumbi has about 100 queens. There are more than 500 children from all these wives. According to a CNN report, Abumbi’s third wife Queen Constance said, ‘Behind every successful man there is a woman.

What did Abumbi’s third wife say?

Abumbi’s third wife, Queen Constance, added, “Our tradition is that when you are king, older wives stay to pass down the tradition to younger wives.” Also, it is his responsibility to teach the tradition to the king because the king was a prince at that time. According to local tradition, Abumbi inherited many of his queens after his father’s death and had 500 children.

queens speak many languages

All the queens of King Abumbi II speak many languages ​​and are well versed in education. Polygamy is challenged today in Cameroon and there are fewer polygamists than ever before. Raja Abumbi says that it is his job to preserve the culture of his people and their local traditions.

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