Top Indian Fashion Style-India culture

1. Indian Fashion

Indian fashion is a style of clothing worn by people of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Maldives, Mauritius, Fiji, Guyana, Suriname, Trinidad & Tobago, and some parts of Africa. It includes saris (loose-fitting dresses), salwar kameez (long tunics), leggings, churidar (a loose-fitting skirt) and kurtis (tight fitting shirts).

2. Sarees

Sarees are a type of garment worn by women in South Asia. A saree is a piece of cloth wrapped around the body several times, forming a tube shape. The word saree comes from Sanskrit language and means “to wear”. In modern usage, the term refers to any length dress worn by women in South Asian countries.

3. Salwars

Salwars are a type of traditional attire worn by men in South Asia. It consists of a long shirt called salwar and pants called pajama. The word salwar comes from Persian and Hindi languages.

4. Kurti

Kurti is a type of casual shirt popular among young girls in India. It is a short sleeved blouse with a button down front and two buttons at the neckline. The word kurti comes from Hindi language and means “shirt”.

5. Churidar

Churidar is a type of traditional outfit worn by women in South India. It is a knee length, loose fitting skirt with pleats. The word churidar comes from Hindi language and literally means “four corners”.

6. Legging

Leggings are a type of pants that cover the legs. They are similar to tights, except they have elastic waistbands. The word legging comes from English language and means “leg-covering”.

7. Dupatta

A dupatta is a scarf or shawl that covers the head and shoulders. It is often tied over the shoulder or draped across the chest. The word dupatta comes from Urdu language and means “head covering”.

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