Best Life Insurance Companies in India

Max Life Insurance

The basic principle behind Maxlife is that the premium paid by the policyholder is invested in a portfolio of securities that generate a guaranteed rate of return (guaranteed interest). If the policyholder dies before he reaches the age specified in the contract, the proceeds of the policy are distributed among his beneficiaries according to their respective interests.

If you are planning to retire early, Maxlife policies are ideal for you. You can use the money you save from paying premiums to finance your retirement years.

The price of Maxlife varies depending on the amount of coverage you choose. Generally speaking, the higher the level of coverage you select, the lower the premium you will pay.

Aegon Life Insurance Company

The Aegon Life Insurance Company was founded in 1873 and is based out of London, England. It is a leading provider of life insurance products and services in Europe and Asia. Its headquarters are located at 1 Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5AP, United Kingdom. Aegon provides life insurance products and services to individuals, businesses, institutions, governments, and non-profit organizations worldwide.

Tata AIA Life Insurance Company

Tata AIA Life Insurances’ business includes general insurance, life insurance, annuities, mutual funds, pension plans, investment products, and wealth management services. In addition, it offers financial planning services and provides corporate finance solutions.

 Tata AIA Life’s General Insurance segment covers various types of coverages including accident and medical, group term plan, individual term plan, personal accident plan, personal accident and critical illness plan, personal accident and disability plan, personal accident and long term disability plan, personal accident, critical illness and long term disability plan and group term plan.

Tata AIA Life offers a range of products and services under the Life Insurance segment. These include life insurance, endowment policies, universal life, variable life, fixed deposit, unit linked insurance, and retirement plans.

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